Oh hey, October 2017 will be was our last month! We are now closed!

Cam news, and a day off

Well! Our Dropcam Nest Cam has been a hit, it seems like at least a few people have found it useful which was kind of the whole point. We have been fiddling around with it and have discovered that it's easy to grab stills from the video feed! So if you would like to see how long the line is, or if your car is still parked/unmolested on 15th Street, or whether we're even open you might want to bookmark that link up there. Note also that you can specify the width of the image in the URL-- we're still looking for the sweet spot in terms of filesize and resolution so if you have thoughts on the matter please share. Having a single URL also means it's easy to make GIFs, so we made a couple examples: 2015-06-19(5 minute intervals, 36MB!) and 2015-06-24(4 minute intervals, 78MB!). Note that the image quality degrades somewhat sharply in the second one in the afternoon, we're not sure if that's because we exceeded some limit or if the interval was too short or what. The first batch of images all came through fine but the second gave errors every few downloads. I looked at the developer's TOS for Nest Cam but could tell if we were violating it, or even if I was looking at the right document. Maybe you can tell? In any case, the stills trick works for any Drop Nest Cam you know the UUID for-- maybe you would like to look at meerkats? Or a fish market?

Oh also we will be closed Friday 03 July 2015 in observation of American Independence Day. Our hours will be normal otherwise the weeks of 29 June and 06 July.

Our Raspberry Pi project now has a name! Bess is coming along but it's been pretty slow going. No sensors are in place yet but they are in the works. In the meantime there's a Twitter account and a progress page.

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Papa November is was a tiny coffee shop Serving Stumptown coffee. We're We were located at 15th and Kansas in Showplace Square, a part of the Potrero Hill district in San Francisco.

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We are were open from 0800H to 1300H, Monday through Thursday.

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Papa November serves served the following items:

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