Well it looks like the bloglet has outlived its usefulness, and so it'll be going to an archive. We're also cleaning up the somewhat wooly index page and moving some of that stuff into this FAQ. Do you have Qs? Now is the time to FA them! See below for a contact form or links to contact us in the tweetverse or instagramosphere.

Please also note that this will be the last time you will get an email notification for bloglet updates-- we are discontinuing the mailing list along with the bloglet.

How can I tell if you are busy right now? Or even there today?

Fortunately for you we have a Nest Cam which will give insight into our busyness. You can also grab a still image or the most recent daily GIF if you're interested.

Do you ever do events?

Very rarely, AKA hardly ever. Our availability is very limited and logistics become complicated very quickly. We wrote a little blurb about events, and you're welcome to ask us about specifics either in person or via email.

Do you accept credit cards?

Nope, we looked into it and honestly it doesn't make sense for our business. This is unlikely to change.

Do you accept Dogecoin?

Yes! We even have a QR code for your scanning pleasure.

Do you accept Bitcoin?

No, too serious.

What's that horrible noise?

Oh, probably something on KFJC. That's what we listen to most of the time at the shop.

Where can I read rambling self indulgent autobiographical posts about the shop?

My friend, we have got you covered.

Where do you get your stuff from?

We use Stumptown coffee and Clover organic dairy items. We also like Califia (unsweetened) almond milk. Our to-go cups (and lids, and straws) are all compostable from World Centric. We like Giusto's flour and try to get as many baking ingredients as possible from the Farmer's market and Rainbow Grocery.

Oh wow, your website is so 90's! Do you need some help with it?

tl;dr NO. The website's purpose is to get you the information you're seeking without having to click a bunch of times and suffer through music and/or interminable animations. Secondary purposes are to load quickly, look ok or pretty good on mobile devices, and be entertaining and/or funny.

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Papa November is at 15th and Kansas in Showplace Square, a part of the Potrero Hill district in San Francisco.

Oh hey, here's a Google map.

We are open from 0800H to 1500H, Monday through Friday.


Papa November serves the following items:

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