Oh hey, October 2017 will be was our last month! We are now closed!

Year 01

Thank you everyone who made our anniversary thingy a success, whether it was making coffee, cranking out merch, drawing cool stuff, or just showing up! We weren't sure what to expect and you all overwhelmed us (literally at times) with your enthusiasm and support. So great.

Also thank you again to Nicole and FluffyCo for handling all the screen printing and just being great in general. If you saw stuff in person or online that you would like please use the code WHATSUP to get 25% off your order!

Some people couldn't make it or heard about the event too late to get silkscreenable stuff together though, and we're trying to figure out how to take care of you/them. If you missed the event but would still like a t-shirt or tote bag or whatever please hit us up! We're available on twitter or you can use our brand new contact form if you angle your eyeballs down just a little bit. If you have our email addresses you can use those, or stopping by the shop always works too. Please express your preferences w/r/t item, color, size, brand and so forth if you have them-- we probably won't be able to please everyone but we'll see what we can do.

If you have pictures of the event we would love to see them! You can tag them with our location in Instagram or use #PXNX00 to tag them in twitter, or you could always just email/SFTP/AFP them if you roll that way.

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Papa November is was a tiny coffee shop Serving Stumptown coffee. We're We were located at 15th and Kansas in Showplace Square, a part of the Potrero Hill district in San Francisco.

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We are were open from 0800H to 1300H, Monday through Thursday.

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Papa November serves served the following items:

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