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Wayward generator

So we hate to break the radio silence with bad news but one of our generators was stolen today! We have two more which we can get by on all right but it's still a drag, especially since one of the remaining ones was giving us a hard time recently.

Najla was out running errands and getting lunch for a bit today, so it was just me in the trailer. At 11:33 the power went out inside, which is not that out of the ordinary-- the generators usually run out of gas around then. I think I may have heard a thump at around the same time-- or I may have retroactively hallucinated that, not too sure. I stepped outside to gas up and found an empty spot and some dangling plugs.

So of course I looked up and down the street but not only did I not see any unusual activity, there wasn't even any traffic on the sidewalk or street at that moment. Clearly the thieves were lurking until the opportune time.

We asked around but nobody saw anything and there are no surveillance cameras pointed in that direction as far as we have been able to tell. We will be trolling Craigslist for sure and we have filed a police report which we are waiting to get approved, at which point we will have a case number.

The generator is a Honda EU200i, which go for about a thousand bucks new. We could probably find a used one for $600-700 but obviously it would be better recover ours or just do without until a better power solution comes along. We might have the serial number somewhere but it might take a bit to find it. Our remaining ones will be locked up now which seems a little silly, because who steals a 50 pound generator while it's powering a business in broad daylight? Oh.

We will happily discuss details with anyone who wants to, especially if you have advice, encouragement, or experience with this kind of thing. We are hopeful but not bating our breath for recovery, any new info will be tweeted or will show up here.

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