Oh hey, October 2017 will be was our last month! We are now closed!

The rumors are true, I am looking for a job! ## Original post from 2017-06-29

Here's the TL;DR-- we are trying to find a buyer for the shop and I'd like to work in some kind of data science.

So this has been in the works for a while, like almost a year. We didn't want to go full public at first because selling your business while operating it can introduce dynamics into what has so far been a pretty straightforward operation. At this point we've exhausted our personal networks though and need a hand finding people who would like to take the proverbial Papa November reins. If you or someone you know could be considered an Interested Party please let us know and we will put you in touch with our broker.

Make no mistake, I really enjoy working here and interacting with all of you. But the fact remains that the point of work (to me) is to learn things and I've learnt pretty much all I'm going to about running this type of business by now. Also, honestly it makes more sense to put this out there now while we're still relevant than later. I think this is what's called "leveraging our brand".

If someone offered me a job right now I could theoretically put the shop on ice while we figure out the sale, but I think both Najla and I would prefer to have some closure before moving on. Having said that, pretty much everything is negotiable at this point.

In the longer term I'd like to work with meaningful data-- ideally with fisheries, logistics, healthcare, or something that satisfies my need to feel like I'm contributing to the greater good of humanity. In the shorter term I'd be happy doing something that would give me the skills I'd need to tackle some of the Harder Problems.

Some of you know I've been taking CS and related classes at CCSF, so I'm not completely new to tech-- actually I've been at the periphery for a while. I probably couldn't whiteboard a doubly linked list but I could probably tell you why you'd need one. I also don't think I'd ever be in a job where I'd have to write one from scratch.

Maybe more importantly, if anyone has thoughts on what I could be doing in the meantime to make myself more hireable I would be jazzed to hear them. I plan to investigate bootcamps when it's reasonable to do so-- does anyone have experience with Galvanize for example? I'd be extra interested to hear from people who have hired candidates from their program. There are tons of other courses out there, do you like any?


Hey so happy October! This will be the last month of Papa November in its current incarnation. Before you ask, we still don't know what shape the next phase will look like but these two outcomes are looking the most likely:

1. We find a buyer to pass the shop on to, help get them off the ground, and move on. In this scenario our last day in the shop will be 2017-10-31 or maybe even sooner depending on how things shake out.

2. We can't find a buyer and close the shop. We'd obviously prefer not to do this for a variety of reasons but there are other things going on for us that will require our full attention. If this comes to pass our last day in business will be 2017-10-31.

So if you know someone that you think might be a good fit, send them our way! We really only have a couple weeks at this point, any later than that will make things difficult to segue smoothly. If you can come by and say hi that would be awesome, please note our hours (handily indicated below) changed a little while ago though. If you can't make it but want to say hi anyway, please do! We're not on Instagram much these days, but we still tweet and you can always email using our handy form a little further down.

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How can I tell if you are busy right now? Or even there today?

Fortunately for you we have a Nest Cam which will give insight into our busyness. You can also grab a still image or the most recent daily GIF if you're interested.

Do you ever do events?

Very rarely, AKA hardly ever. Our availability is very limited and logistics become complicated very quickly. We wrote a little blurb about events, and you're welcome to ask us about specifics either in person or via email.

Do you accept credit cards?

Nope, we looked into it and honestly it doesn't make sense for our business. This is unlikely to change.

Do you accept Dogecoin?

Yes! Just ask us for a QR code when you come to the shop.

Do you accept Bitcoin?

No, too serious.

What's that horrible noise?

Oh, probably something on KFJC. That's what we listen to most of the time at the shop.

Can I send you a thing via USPS/UPS/FEDEX/etc?

Totally! Please DO NOT send mail to 215 15th Street-- that's what Google thinks our address is for whatever reason, and it's not. We're happy to provide an actual mailing address, just use our form or your mouth parts to ask us what it is.

Where can I read rambling self indulgent autobiographical posts about the shop?

My friend, we have got you covered.

Where do you get your stuff from?

We use Stumptown coffee and Clover organic dairy items. Our baked items come from Neighbor Bakehouse. We also like Califia (unsweetened) almond milk. Our to-go cups (and lids, and straws) are all compostable from World Centric. A variety of other odds and ends we get from Rainbow Grocery.

Oh wow, your website is so 90's! Do you need some help with it?

tl;dr NO. The website's purpose is to get you the information you're seeking without having to click a bunch of times and suffer through music and/or interminable animations. Secondary purposes are to load quickly, look ok or pretty good on mobile devices, and be entertaining and/or funny. Having said that if you do in fact have suggestions for CSS improvements, HTML clarity, accessibility, or similar please let us know.

I swear this FAQ looked different the last time I read it?

Maybe you're hallucinating, or maybe what you saw is lurking in this document's version history.

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New Stuff

So we're thinking about stuff we can add to or remove from the website, any suggestions? Maybe you have Qs you'd like to FA? Permanent/better/more obvious links to our Dropcam? Better/different RSS feeds? Hit us up down below or via one of the usual means if so.

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Even Yet Still More Holidays

A quick one! We will be closed tomorrow, which is the The third Monday in February holiday here in California. Here's wishing everyone a happy TTMIF!

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Quick note

Looks like our Dropcam is back online! A little background, video feed, grab a still. Whee!

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That time of year again

So we have figured out our plan for the end of the year holiday season, and it is detailed below. All days not listed will be normal hours for us.



Regular service will resume on 2016-01-04. There is a possibility that we will be open partial days listed as closed above, but I wouldn't hold your breath if I were you. We'll do our best to keep you abreast via Twitter or this website if anything changes.

In other news our Dropcam is (hopefully) temporarily offline. We are hoping to reinstall it soon, feel like giving us a hand?

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Cam news, and a day off

Well! Our Dropcam Nest Cam has been a hit, it seems like at least a few people have found it useful which was kind of the whole point. We have been fiddling around with it and have discovered that it's easy to grab stills from the video feed! So if you would like to see how long the line is, or if your car is still parked/unmolested on 15th Street, or whether we're even open you might want to bookmark that link up there. Note also that you can specify the width of the image in the URL-- we're still looking for the sweet spot in terms of filesize and resolution so if you have thoughts on the matter please share. Having a single URL also means it's easy to make GIFs, so we made a couple examples: 2015-06-19(5 minute intervals, 36MB!) and 2015-06-24(4 minute intervals, 78MB!). Note that the image quality degrades somewhat sharply in the second one in the afternoon, we're not sure if that's because we exceeded some limit or if the interval was too short or what. The first batch of images all came through fine but the second gave errors every few downloads. I looked at the developer's TOS for Nest Cam but could tell if we were violating it, or even if I was looking at the right document. Maybe you can tell? In any case, the stills trick works for any Drop Nest Cam you know the UUID for-- maybe you would like to look at meerkats? Or a fish market?

Oh also we will be closed Friday 03 July 2015 in observation of American Independence Day. Our hours will be normal otherwise the weeks of 29 June and 06 July.

Our Raspberry Pi project now has a name! Bess is coming along but it's been pretty slow going. No sensors are in place yet but they are in the works. In the meantime there's a Twitter account and a progress page.

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Nice views

OK so we have a few things to report. Firstly our friends at Coupar Consulting agreed to host our Dropcam, so if you would like to preview the line, have a look at parking, or just see what we're up to you can now do so in the comfort of your own home/office/coworkspace/etc. We have a shortened URL too if you're into those.

On a related note we'd just like to mention that we selected the location intentionally so that you could see how many people are in line but not be able to identify those people individually. It is absolutely not our intention to compromise anyone's privacy and if you are uncomfortable with having the Dropcam in its present location please let us know and we will reposition it or remove it entirely.

On a completely unrelated note our Raspberry Pi project is coming along slowly, and we are hoping to have the first of the sensors up and running soon. The Pi itself is working great and you are still welcome to come by and get a login some time. If you would like to request one using our handy form below please specify your preferred username. You can also specify a temporary password to use otherwise we'll just make something up and you can change it at your leisure using passwd. You'll have to do it (and anything else) during shop hours and while connected to our wireless network though, at least for now.

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So we've mentioned this a few times already but we're finally getting around to installing a Raspberry Pi in the shop. The plan is to do some data logging so at some point there will be sensors-- possibilities include temp (ambient and/or espresso machine), wind speed, flowmeter, orientation, humidity, and so forth. We will probably install one or more of the following for the Pi to control as well: LEDs, piezo or audio thingies, motors, solenoids, &c. We don't have anything specific planned but we welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

So here's the thing-- we thought it would be fun to issue accounts to people that would like them. If you think you might be one of those people let us know (via form below or twitter/instagram or email or in person or whatever) and we'll create one for you. You'll have access to the same sensor data that we do, and you'll be able to do all of the usual things you can do over SSH. The catch is that at least at first you will need to be physically present at the shop to use your account over our WiFi. You'll be able to schedule tasks (via cron/anacron/whatever) and stuff if you would like, and we'll probably have a computer on hand for you to use if you don't feel like lugging one down from your office or whatever.

We're going to start with stock Raspbian install, and add Adafruit's Occidentalis via Pi Finder to start. The Pi will boot when it gets power (usually around 0700h every weekday) and will shut down automatically around 1530h which is when we're usually almost done cleaning up. The shutdown script will eventually do stuff like back the SD card up, warn users of impending process killing, and so forth but for now it just shuts down. We will probably also install Postgres, Dropbox, and a few other things.

This stuff should go without saying but we're going to say it anyway-- please keep in mind that this is a fun experimental project and as such you shouldn't use it for anything super important, or even semi-important. On a related note please be mindful of the limited resources available on a (vanilla model B) Pi, so mining dogecoin or rendering video is probably not going to work out all that well for anyone.

Please let us know if there are things you would like us to install (bonus if it's available via apt), if you have feelings on sensors or other hardware, or if you have thoughts on the project in general. We are also agonizing over hostnames-- tradition at our place has been to use names of kings and queens (eg Tubby, Cobra, Pepin, Midas etc) so if you can think of anything appropriate send it on over.

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Um, happy new year?

Happy new year everyone! We're going to pretend we're just early for the upcoming wood goat new year and not late for the, uh, 2015 Greg new year.

In any case it's been a little while since we put one of these up so here's what's been happening on the shores of Lake Takahashi:

We will be open for President's day! We're expecting it to be kind of slow though, so Najla will be taking the morning off. What that means to you is that we will be opening late (plan on 0830, but possibly a little earlier) and there will be no treats that day. Please plan your morning treat acquisition accordingly.

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Modified end of year hours

Well we figured out what our hours are going to be for the rest of 2014 and they are this:

With normal hours resuming Monday 05 Jan. If it's busy we may stay open a bit later on the 29th and 30th but we are expecting pretty slow days those days. If you have strong feelings on the matter let us know on twitter or via the form below. Please also note that it'll be just Paul working those days so there will not be any baked items and service may be slower than usual.

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Holidays, upon us they are

We are closed for US Thanksgiving today, we were also closed yesterday but those of you who came by or follow us on Twitter already knew that. We will also be closed tomorrow, then back to normal on Monday 01 Dec. We will post end-of-December-hours here too, when we figure out what they are going to be.

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Laboring, or maybe not. Plus subzero temps!

This is probably a surprise to no one but we will be taking the day off tomorrow for US Labor day. Sorry for the short notice but it sounded like very few people will be around in the neighborhood.

In other, colder news we finally have installed a freezer! That means that affogatos, ice cream sandwiches, and other chilly treats are likely to appear with some regularity! Keep an eye on twitter, instagram, and this space for more developments!

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Year Two

So! After a little consideration we decided to make it easy on ourselves and have our two year anniversary at Dear Mom which is close to our (and maybe your) daytime operating location and is also our commissary. We really enjoyed the Hot dogs and silkscreening and general tomfoolery from last year but it was all kind of a frantic mess honestly. So please come by on Friday 2014-06-13 between the hours of 1800 and 2000 for some ice cream cake and libations on us. Sadly it looks like we were too slow to get glassware, new stickers, t-shirts, buttons, or any other doodads done in time for this partay so we will have to save those for a different auspicious occasion. Soon though, we promise.

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Something new-- advance notice!

Just a quick note to mention that we will be closed Memorial Day! It falls on Monday 26 May this year, for the record.

Oh, also please note that our second anniversary falls on 12 June 2014! We will be having some kind of thingy on Friday 13 June to celebrate. We're still figuring out what exactly we'll be doing but it will be fun for sure! Suggestions are welcome as are ideas and art for the next run of t-shirt/tote bag/scrub tops!

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We are now a gallery! Sort of

Some of you have noticed that we are displaying art by Çiğdem Michalski this week. We thought it would be fun to do a mini (micro?) art show and she will be rotating new illustrations in daily. It will run through 28 March. For more information there is a website (Facebook) and you can contact/follow her on Twitter. It's going to be fun! Come by and check it out!

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Events! Or possibly the lack thereof

So we get asked to do events sometimes. Events can be really fun, we did one for a design company that was intimate and interesting-- turned out really well. We would be happy to discuss your event! Please be aware of the following though:

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So this will be silly nonsense to a lot of people, and if you think you might be one of those people you can probably skip this update. In any case.

We started accepting Dogecoin for payment yesterday! We have had a total of two transactions so far which have been paid in Ɖ, both of which were from the same guy. Thanks Jack! This is partly because people ask about alternate (eg. non-cash) payment options, and partly because it's just kind of fun and experimental. Plus we don't anticipate a lot of Dogecoin sales.

Here is a hastily assembled list of Dogecoin links, if you are curious:

Papa November Coffee and Bakes