Oh hey, October 2017 will be was our last month! We are now closed!

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OK so we have a few things to report. Firstly our friends at Coupar Consulting agreed to host our Dropcam, so if you would like to preview the line, have a look at parking, or just see what we're up to you can now do so in the comfort of your own home/office/coworkspace/etc. We have a shortened URL too if you're into those.

On a related note we'd just like to mention that we selected the location intentionally so that you could see how many people are in line but not be able to identify those people individually. It is absolutely not our intention to compromise anyone's privacy and if you are uncomfortable with having the Dropcam in its present location please let us know and we will reposition it or remove it entirely.

On a completely unrelated note our Raspberry Pi project is coming along slowly, and we are hoping to have the first of the sensors up and running soon. The Pi itself is working great and you are still welcome to come by and get a login some time. If you would like to request one using our handy form below please specify your preferred username. You can also specify a temporary password to use otherwise we'll just make something up and you can change it at your leisure using passwd. You'll have to do it (and anything else) during shop hours and while connected to our wireless network though, at least for now.

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Papa November is was a tiny coffee shop Serving Stumptown coffee. We're We were located at 15th and Kansas in Showplace Square, a part of the Potrero Hill district in San Francisco.

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We are were open from 0800H to 1300H, Monday through Thursday.

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Papa November serves served the following items:

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