Oh hey, October 2017 will be was our last month! We are now closed!

One Year Anniversary! And Kittens!

So we mentioned it kind of in passing a little while ago but we will be celebrating our first year in business in a few weeks! The official date is Thursday 13 June 2013 but the festivities will take place the next day, Friday 14 June 2013! We are hoping to have hot dogs, malasadas, and maybe other tasty treats. Mark your calendars and watch this space for more details!

One detail that we can divulge right now is that Nicole from FluffyCo will be joining us to do live screen printing on site! What this means is that if you have ever wanted an official Papa November t-shirt, tote bag, or scrub top now is your chance! You can bring a t-shirt, tote bag, or similar garment/thingy and we will make it official PXNX merch. Logistics might be tricky though so we will probably limit screen printing to light inks on dark items from 1300H to 1400H and dark inks on light items (or dark on dark if you're goth like that) from 1400H to 1500H. If you have thoughts on the matter please let us know. If you're going to be unavailable or out of town or something now is a good time to start lining up a proxy. We will probably have a few blank items to sell if you don't already have anything you would like screen printed, but we aren't planning on having a lot of stuff just eff your eye.

FluffyCo is also planning on bringing some of their own stuff to sell so if anything of theirs catches your eye you might be able to snap it up without shipping!

A lot of you are probably up to date on the kitten saga but for those of you who aren't here's the deal. We found five kittens in our backyard a couple weeks ago (along with their mom, who is kind of mad right now) and got them into the gifted feral kitten program which means that we will probably be fostering them for a few weeks. We've begun asking around for potential kitten takers but there is a little time to figure things out so we're not in a hurry to place them just yet. If you or someone you know would like some kitten in their life please hit us up! Super bonus if you plan on feeding them raw and if you can take a pair or three!

Oh, We are also planning on being closed the coming Monday which is Memorial Day here in the USA.

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