Oh hey, October 2017 will be was our last month! We are now closed!

Well, that certainly was a long delay, sorry about the dead air. Things have accelerated though, and we're hopeful to be up and running Very Soon Now.

So. We gave up on the truck idea, it was going to take too long to get it roadworthy and was probably going to cost a lot in the process. Thankfully the guy we got it from agreed to buy it back, if anyone is looking for a smoggable stepvan let us know and we'll hook you up with him after he has the work done on it. It will cost more than what we paid for it though, since he's going to have to put more money into it.

The exciting thing is that at almost exactly the same time we sold the truck back we heard that a trailer was available with a bunch of coffee equipment already installed which had been in operation recently in San Francisco. For those new to this whole MFF thing that means that the trailer would have had to pass a variety of inspections in order to do business in San Francisco, so the possibility exists that our permitting would go more smoothly or more quickly than if we had started from scratch. That is what we are hoping but this is the DPH we're dealing with, anything could happen.

Other good news: we secured a commissary, a storage parking spot for nights and weekends when the trailer is not in use, and have been talking with people about design, insurance, healthcare and whatnot. Getting administrative stuff done is oddly comforting, maybe everything feels more official at this point.

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Papa November is was a tiny coffee shop Serving Stumptown coffee. We're We were located at 15th and Kansas in Showplace Square, a part of the Potrero Hill district in San Francisco.

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